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St. Petersburg Employers Hiring Foreign Language Speakers

This is an attempt to aggregate and categorize companies with offices in St. Petersburg which regularly advertise positions indicating that the applicants should have a high level of proficiency in English (and occassionally, in other languages), with a few tech companies that had better start doing just that thrown in for completeness's sake.

Last updated: Nov 11, 2019

Russian Tech: The Big Guns (500+ employees globally)

Shhh! Don't tell Obama.

  • ASCON ( – makers of 3D modeling software. The company's "headquarter" (sic) is in St. Petersburg. 600+ employees. Apparently, no English-speaking editors among them. Could this be your opportunity?
  • JetBrains (ex-IntelliJ) (*) – IDE tools for developers. Office in the north of the city.
    [*2019-10 note: the cool as hell homepage animation can easily hang your browser and slow your computer to a crawl. Which is no big deal, of course; the important thing is that somebody in upper management thought it looked groovy on their souped-up PC. ]
  • SEMRush ( – popular SEO monitoring service. Office in Moskovsky District.
  • Veeam ( – data and resource management. The company has moved its headquarters to Switzerland, but is still largely based in the city. Approximately $1B in global revenues in 2018.
  • Yandex ( – the search engine.

Foreign Tech Company Outposts

If you insist on working for the frenemies (sorry, "our western partners").

  • Comtek ( - an international outsourcing firm. Chicago-based, with an office on Vasilevsky Island.
  • Orange (ex-France Telecom) – has a small engineering team working out of an office in Petrogradsky District. Marketing people seem to be mainly in Moscow.
  • T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) – German telecom giant. Office near Vasileostrovskaya.
  • Dell (including ex-EMC) – yeah, that Dell. Has a St. Petersburg office near Vasileostrovskaya, next door to T-Systems. Hires mostly developers.
  • PerfectArt – a tech consulting firm focusing on the Finance, Transportation/Logistics, and Utilities sectors. Head office in London.

Assorted Fintech (both Russian and Foreign)

  • B2Broker ( – cryptocurrency and forex trading services provider.
  • Broadridge ( – provider of "communications, technology, data and analytics solutions for the financial services industry and businesses." Over $4 billion in global revenues.
  • Covert ( - appropriately mysterious, but evidently essential, services pertaining to creating "the circulatory system" for our "digital society."
  • HazelTree ( - information services for "buy-side investment managers." NYC-based, with offices in London, HK, and evidently, St. Petersburg (most likely, near Pl. Vosstaniya, though the office is not listed on the company's site).

Russian Tech: Small(er) Fish

I am pretty certain I am missing quite a few here. Email?

  • DataDuck ( – digital marketing firm.
  • Dom Programm ( – some Western companies outsource to them.
  • EPAM ( – Headquartered in Moscow, with an office in St. Petersburg. Helps its clients "transform" their businesses.
  • Guru Service ( – gets foreign outsourcing clients; hires English-speaking tech support.
  • Hype Auditor ( – performs Instagram account audits. Hires sales people but "what’s most importantly," (sic) stubbornly refuses to budge on copywriting or editing, with appropriately hilarious results.
  • iFree ( – AI and stuff.
  • Selectel ( – hosting and cloud services.
  • Space307 (
  • VisualSVN ( – a version control plug-in for Visual Studio. Developers will know what this is all about.

Working Elsewhere

Two popular options are teaching at language schools, of which there are many, and working in tourism/hospitality (includes hotels, bars/restaurants/clubs, and tour operators). For now, I am not breaking this down by company, but email me if you think this is a terrible omission.

St. Petersburg Employers: Map

This map is supposed to show the geographic distribution of offices from the above list. Let's call this a first stab.

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